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Application Of Essential Oils

An essential oils is a liquid or oil that is extracted from plants in concentrated form. Essential oils have the characteristic smell of the plant they were extracted from and are extracted through various processes. One can the extract the oil from the barks, rinds, herbs, and leaves of the plant.

One can find oils such as; lavender, peppermint, tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus, orange, chamomile.
Essential oils can be used through applying it to the skin, inhaling it or through ingesting it. Using the oil through application is dependent on factors such as the desired effect and the condition to be treated or addressed by the oil. Read more here!

Health advantages associated with the use of essential oils is seen in areas such as reducing stress and anxiety, relieving headaches and migraines, in sleep and insomnia, reducing inflammation, it has antimicrobial and antibiotic effects.

In the reduction of stress and anxiety, the aroma of the oils and their use in massages helps with this.

The oils from peppermint, lavender and chamomile are associated with helping one to reduce the headache or migraine they might be having if it is applied on the skin or on the temple.

One has to sleep as part of the normal day to day cycle. The aroma of lavender oils helps in improving one’s sleep thus helps to combat insomnia.

A few studies done have shown that use of oils from oregano and thyme produces anti inflammatory effects on the body helping in conditions such as colitis.

Treatment of infections of bacterial origin is now possible through the use of essential oils which have properties that help in targeting the bacteria.

Essential oils can also have applications in the cosmetic field and in making of insecticides, not only health wise.

Mosquito repellants which is an insecticide can be made using lavender oil as the base and adding other elements to make it effective.

Essential oils also have a role in cosmetics such as their aromas can be extracted to make perfume, and beauty products for better skin.

Making the right choice in what oil to buy is dependent on factors such as purity, quality and reputation.
one can term an oil as pure when it does not have any additives to it or synthetic oils.

One can evaluate the quality of the oil by looking at the processes involved in its extraction and the chemicals added to it. A good quality oil would be one that has few processes such as distillation or mechanical extraction and has no chemical additives.

The reputation factor can be explained by getting the oil from renown stores or brands making good quality oils. View here for more info.

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